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A Great Resource Checklist for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Every freelancer or aspiring small business should bookmark this page -- it is a very helpful checklist of resources available that can help you with your time management and productivity, writing, marketing, finances, and more.

Click here to access the link. Contact DFS Partners to learn more about these and other consulting, analytics, and marketing services it can help implement for your small business.

DFS Partners LLC is a Norwalk, Connecticut-based small business consulting company that provides independent consultative, analytical, and creative services and solutions needed by regional entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other professionals. Our expertise focuses on two primary verticals: business analytics and content marketing. DFS Partners can offer an incremental single-point solution to an immediate need or be a trusted and retained partner that helps serves different business needs through a client's development, whether it be a for-profit or non-profit entity.

Contact DFS Partners to learn more about the consultative, analytical and marketing services provided to emerging freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Your first consultation is free.

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