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DFS Partners LLC specializes in guiding aspiring entrepreneurs, meeting them wherever they are on their journey toward financial independence.

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Want to Start

Your Own Business?

DFS Partners LLC can take your business idea from concept to reality. Our services will help you:


  • Think about the questions to ask yourself before you give up your day job

  • Evaluate start-up costs

  • Find external financing options

  • Develop a business plan

  • Construct revenue, expense, and cash flow projections for external lenders

Our experience with small business development, from concept to start-up to growth stage, provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to improve their odds of success.


Obtain an Independent and Objective Business Review

Already own your own small business? DFS Partners LLC brings multiple decades of experience in reviewing and analyzing existing businesses.

Here are some examples of services we offer to business owners:

  • 360-degree review of financial statements

  • Evaluate profitability and effectiveness of existing product and services offerings 

  • Find cost-cutting opportunities

  • Improve go-to-market and content marketing strategy

Learn how our experience can help you improve your business prospects.

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Buy or Sell

an Existing Business

Are you thinking about buying or selling an existing business? DFS Partners LLC brings deep experience in valuing businesses. We can:


  • Estimate valuation range of a business to buy or sell

  • Isolate important variables through sensitivity analysis

  • Evaluate financing alternatives

DFS Partners LLC provides an unbiased second opinion on business valuations to help protect your best interests before making a potential purchase or sale of a business.






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