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DFS Partners LLC and Parks Drivers in Southport, CT to Launch Growth Initiatives

NORWALK, CT, September 25, 2022 — DFS Partners LLC, a small business consulting and content marketing firm in Norwalk, Connecticut, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Parks Drivers, a top-shelf professional driving service.

Since 1975, Parks Drivers has developed long-standing relationships, providing its car services to high-profile entertainers and established companies throughout Fairfield County and beyond. Parks Drivers has acted as a personal chauffeur for some of these select clients for many years and even decades. Now, DFS Partners has partnered with Parks Drivers to take its business to the next level, implementing the following initiatives:

  • Conducting a 360-degree evaluation of all existing operations and financial conditions of the business, as well as competitive analysis.

  • Creating and launching a new and current SEO-enhanced business website,

  • Providing consulting and migration services from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, including permanent subscription savings and overseeing bookkeeping, client invoicing, financial reporting, and forecasting needs of the business.

  • Establishing and managing the company's social media presences, posting, and advertising campaigns.

  • Reviewing and recommending changes to business strategy for attracting new clients as well as additional drivers.

"Parks Drivers is the highest-quality and longest-standing drive-your-car service in Fairfield County today that you probably never heard of," said Matt D'Alto, Founding Principal of DFS Partners LLC. "DFS Partners LLC in partnership with Parks Drivers is going to change that. DFS Partners was founded to provide outsourced point solutions to small business owners that give them a one-stop consultative experience across several critical needs required to successfully take their businesses to the next level. DFS Partners LLC fills the gaps in owners' expertise so these entrepreneurs can more successfully operate their businesses, and spend more of their time focusing on doing what they enjoy most."

"I am excited to work with DFS Partners to attract a whole new generation of customers to Parks Drivers as we demonstrate why we are the preferred top-shelf, drive-your-car service in Fairfield County to meet all of your custom transportation needs,” said Ted Marsh, owner of Parks Drivers. “With the improvements we anticipate in our business from the relationship with DFS Partners, we believe we can accelerate our revenue opportunities and mind share in Fairfield County while also optimizing our expenditures and reporting functions. It's a win-win. I am optimistic and excited that this will be an even better company in the years to come."

About DFS Partners LLC

DFS Partners LLC is a Norwalk, Connecticut-based small business consulting company that partners with small businesses throughout Connecticut to help them establish, finance, market, and grow their companies.

DFS Partners' business consulting services can take a business from concept to business plan to reality to profitability to exit, providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to improve their odds of success and maximize cash flow in both new start-ups and existing businesses.

Adding full-time employees is more expensive than ever for small businesses with today's high wage inflation. DFS Partners works with business owners directly to help them identify opportunities, grow revenues, manage costs, and streamline operations while reducing the need to hire new employees. This includes a variety of point solutions such as:

DFS Partners also can provide an unbiased opinion on business valuations to help protect clients' best interests before making a potential purchase or sale of a business.

About Parks Drivers

Parks Drivers is a top-shelf drive-your-car service serving Fairfield County, Connecticut since 1975. Busy professionals and others with customized needs can hire the chauffeurs of Parks Drivers to drive them in the comfort of their own cars to a variety of destinations and objectives, including:

  • New York-area airports

  • important business meetings

  • medical appointments

  • family vacations

The clients of Parks Drivers can focus on their next business opportunity or vacation spot and can make their car interior their own without having to worry about vacating it completely each time they leave the vehicle. It's your car. Enjoy the benefits, comfort, and luxury of working (or not working) while your chauffeur drives your car.


For a free initial business consultation to discuss ideas and plans for your new business venture or to explore your existing business needssend an e-mail to or call us at 646-221-2482.

Click here to contact Parks Drivers to book your chauffeur! Or learn more about the various car services provided by Parks Drivers. You can also follow Parks Drivers on Facebook.

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