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DFS Partners LLC Introduces the Launch of Joy Eyecare LLC in Clinton, CT

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

NORWALK, CT, July 3, 2021 — DFS Partners LLC, a small business consulting firm in Norwalk, Connecticut, is pleased to announce the launch of Joy Eyecare LLC, a start-up optometry business in Clinton, Connecticut.

Dr. Francesca Johnson, a practicing optometrist for the past 25 years in Connecticut, is owner and lead optometrist at this new classical private-practice office, and provides comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings and evaluations, treatment and management of ocular disease, and other eye care services.

DFS Partners has partnered closely with Dr. Johnson to help her conceptualize, plan, and establish her new optometry business, including the following services:

  • Conducted a 360-degree evaluation of all entrepreneurial business options, including valuing and buying an existing optometric practice, starting up an optometric business from scratch, and potential financing requirements for all scenarios;

  • Analyzed and estimated business start-up costs;

  • Developed multi-year financial projections and scenario analyses;

  • Created a detailed 20-page business plan required to obtain bank financing;

  • Submitted and successfully received approval for six-figure loan financing through a top-three national bank;

  • Consulted on real estate/location options for Joy Eyecare LLC;

  • Created a new business website,;

  • Provided consulting for QuickBooks Online, including permanent subscription savings and overseeing bookkeeping needs of the business;

  • Conducted all professional photography needs of the business.

"Starting a new business to pursue your dreams is exciting and requires a wide range of skill sets that often go well outside of the business owner's core areas of expertise," said Matt D'Alto, Founding Principal of DFS Partners LLC." DFS Partners LLC was created to provide outsourced point solutions to entrepreneurs and small business owners that give them a one-stop consultative experience across several critical needs required to successfully start and grow their businesses. DFS Partners LLC brings decades of Wall Street experience on analyzing and investing in characteristics and drivers of successful businesses, with a focus on business analytics and content marketing. We aim to fill the gaps in owners' expertise so entrepreneurs can successfully launch and grow their businesses, and spend more of their time focusing on doing what they do best. I have personally known Dr. Francesca Johnson for 30 years, and am looking forward to this continued journey with her as we start up and grow her new optometry business."

"Private-practice optometry is becoming increasingly rare in an industry where private equity and optometry chains are taking over,” said Dr. Francesca Johnson, Founder and Lead Optometrist at Joy Eyecare LLC. “That's why I am starting Joy Eyecare — I believe customers and staff members alike truly appreciate the high-touch feel and customer service of a classic private-practice optometry office. This offering is becoming even more rare among experienced optometrists, but Joy Eyecare can now can bring our multiple decades of practiced optometry to our clients without the big corporate feel behind it. DFS Partners has been critical to making this dream possible of starting my own optometry practice. We are looking forward to proving out this business model and providing a high level of eye care and customer service that we believe our clients expect and want in our office in Clinton, Connecticut. Our office is conveniently located right off of Route 95 and just a short ride from surrounding towns in Middlesex and New Haven counties as well."

DFS Partners will continue to consult closely with Joy Eyecare on its regular operations as the business ramps up to help ensure its ultimate success.

About DFS Partners LLC

DFS Partners LLC is a Norwalk, Connecticut-based small business consulting company that provides entrepreneurs with consultative business analytics and content marketing solutions to help launch new ventures, improve existing operations and profitability, and enhance the marketability of their companies.

DFS Partners' business analytics services can take a business idea from concept to business plan to reality to profitability, providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to improve their odds of success and maximize their cash flow in start-up or existing businesses.

DFS Partners works with both new and existing business owners to help owners to identify opportunities, grow revenues, manage costs, and streamline operations. It also provides consulting for QuickBooks for entrepreneurs who never used QuickBooks and need assistance with their financial affairs, as well as existing QuickBooks Online customers who require assistance and more CFO-like services for their QuickBooks accounts. DFS Partners also can provide an unbiased opinion on business valuations to help protect clients' best interests before making a potential purchase or sale of a business.

DFS Partners also supports the content marketing and communications needs of the entrepreneur, including new website design and website maintenance services, overall branding strategy, as well as outsourced financial communications and investor relations. For local Connecticut businesses, DFS Partners also offers a variety of onsite professional commercial photography services to create and help manage professional virtual presences and consistent branding across marketing, web, and social media channels.

About Joy Eyecare LLC

Joy Eyecare LLC is a private optometry practice led by Dr. Francesca Johnson – an optometrist with multiple decades of optometry experience in Connecticut — providing comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings and evaluations, treatment and management of ocular disease, and other eye care services for residents of Clinton and surrounding towns throughout Middlesex and New Haven Counties in Connecticut.


For a free initial business consultation to discuss ideas and plans for your new business venture or to explore your existing business needssend an e-mail to or call us at 646-221-2482.

Click here to contact or set up an appointment with Dr. Francesca Johnson of Joy Eyecare LLC.


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