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"[Matthew D'Alto's] perspectives on the full range of challenges a growth company experiences were on the mark, insightful and delivered in a precise, clinical manner. His knowledge of our business and of our industry enabled Matt to advise us of what metrics mattered and helped us to add value....From time to time, he challenged and pressure tested the soundness of our ideas and plans and made us a better, more profitable company. We came to trust his seasoned judgment....We especially appreciated the fact that he took time to know our properties, our financial statements and our management....One always received a thoughtful, honest answer from Matt backed up with substantive facts and reasoned logic. "
-Joseph F. (reposted from Matthew D'Alto's LinkedIn page)
"[Matthew D'Alto] met regularly with me and management and we appreciated, and trusted, his insights and opinions about differentiating our company and presentations."
-Michael E. (reposted from Matthew D'Alto's LinkedIn page)
"...Here is what you can expect from Matt D'Alto: 1) a level of integrity that you will never have to question. Matt puts the organization first. He is a 'fabric' guy, one you can build a culture around, 2) a high level of work quality. I have observed Matt's work first hand, and can attest to his competence across a broad array of industries....and 3) a level of flexibility and adaptability. Whatever you ask of Matt, you can expect an enthusiastic response and a quality piece of work. Finally, Matt is a nice person."
-Rich R.. (reposted from Matthew D'Alto's LinkedIn page)
"[Matthew D'Alto] will truly add significant value to or organization that brings him on board."
-Francis M. (reposted from Matthew D'Alto's LinkedIn page)
"[Matthew D'Alto's] personal characteristics and his strong integrity make him a great team player. He is the type of person who would always put his team first over himself. In my opinion, Matt would be a great asset to any firm."
-Jack C. (reposted from Matthew D'Alto's LinkedIn page)
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