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DFS Partners offers fundamental business analysis and research, corporate strategy review, and management consulting to small businesses looking to outsource financial and business analytics services and gain independent, experiential insights for their companies.

Business Analytics and Consulting Offered by DFS Partners:

Business Analytics & Consulting Services

  • Comprehensive or Focused: bottom-up reviews of an investment, an entire business or its various components in isolation.

  • Actionable Recommendations:  Written reports that are presented to the business management and/or board of directors.

  • Profitability Analysis: what can a business do to improve (or make faster strides towards) profitability?

  • Marketing/Social Media analysis: what marketing strategies are most effective for a business?

  • Capital Allocation: where is new capital best spend in the business with the greatest return on capital?

  • Bookkeeping: where can the business make improvements with its bookkeeping and financial reporting functions?

  • Hiring: Should the company hire more employees?

  • Access to Capital: what resources can the business use to access and attract new capital for the business at the lowest cost of captial?

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Should a business consider acquiring another business or launching another business line?

Why Outsource Business Analysis?

There are a variety of business and financial analysis needs that an emerging business requires throughout its lifecycle. It can often be advantageous to outsource these functions, for the following reasons:


Eliminate fixed salary, employer-paid benefits, and other office-related costs that come with hiring a full-time employee. Instead, financial and business analysis costs flex up and down with the pace of activity in the business.


Hire someone temporarily with many years of business experience outside of company to bring consultative insights and solve problems that require experiential knowledge or access to a larger network.


Provide your emerging business with the optionality it needs by bringing in external resources and solutions on an as-needed basis without making longer-term commitments.


Minimize the bias inherent with internal, full-time employees and obtain a completely independent view of a business that may produce unique and unbiased insights for improvement.


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