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Independent QuickBooks Services

Think of DFS Partners LLC as your outsourced or fractional CFO and payroll specialist. Instead of hiring full-time employees to handle these tasks, DFS Partners LLC offers independent QuickBooks services that can save you money in the early stages of your business development, including remotely managing and consolidating your financial operations, reporting, bookkeeping, and payroll, all in QuickBooks Online.


Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

DFS Partners LLC offers QuickBooks Online set up, management, and expertise in areas such as P&L and financial statement preparation and analysis, invoicing and getting paid, bank and credit card account bookkeeping and reconciliation, payroll, bill payments, business trend and risk analysis, budgeting, and project management.

Independent QuickBooks Solutions Provider

DFS Partners LLC is an independent QuickBooks Solutions Provider, and can manage everything remotely, saving you money. We standardize our client services on QuickBooks, though are familiar with other SaaS solutions to get you migrated and connected to QuickBooks Online as accurately and efficiently as possible.


Certified QuickBooks Payroll ProAdvisor

Whether you have W-2 employees or 1099-MISC contractors, DFS Partners LLC can help you set up and make payroll consistently and accurately, while fully integrating your payroll management and reporting with your broader operations' financial statements every month. Everything is in one place, in QuickBooks.

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