Beyond Bookkeeping

DFS Partners offers a variety of outsourced QuickBooks bookkeeping and other financial services to help entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut to go beyond the mere mechanics of their bookkeeping and ultimately improve their operations.

QuickBooks Accounting

DFS Partners LLC can transition entrepreneurs from paper and spreadsheets to a more efficient QuickBooks bookkeeping system, or help small businesses turn existing QuickBooks data into insights that make a company better.

Improve Profitability 

DFS Partners LLC goes beyond the mechanics of most bookkeeping services to analyze the data and trends, and provides small businesses true insights that can both improve their profitability and increase their ability to obtain external capital.


QuickBooks & Related Services Offered by DFS Partners:

Convert to QuickBooks

Convert from paper- or spreadsheet-based accounting to Quickbooks Online.

Remote Access to Your Books

Set up remote and smartphone access to your accounts and conduct business anywhere. 

Track Projects and Budgets

Track, manage, budget, and categorize revenue and expenses by project or business line.

Financial Statement Analysis

Create, manage, and analyze all financial statements and reports, including Income/P&L Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows.

Get Paid Faster

Send and track electronic invoices that allow customers to make instant online payments.

Pay Vendors More Efficiently

Manage cash flow by setting up online payments to vendors to arrive at certain dates.

Pay Your Workers

Conveniently set up payroll and tax withholdings for regular W-2 employees, and use 1099s for independent contract workers.

Pay Vendors More Efficiently

Manage cash flow by setting up online payments to vendors to arrive at certain dates.

Track & Report State Sales Tax

Manage the state sales tax owed and paid, for every state from which you do business.

Stop the Paper Statement Trail

Download all of your bank and credit card transactions automatically, and instantly categorize income and expense for easier reporting and account reconciliations.

Get QuickBooks Training

We are QuickBooks Online-certified by Intuit. Take advantage of our expertise in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Accountant Remote Access

With your permission, DFS Partners can remotely provide bookkeeping services, access accounts, and send you reports from your QuickBooks Online account.




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